Are there Ways to Use Psychedelics as Nootropics?

Are there Ways to Use Psychedelics as Nootropics?

September 26, 2016 Off By Barbara Bell

There are a whole host of different drugs that you can use in order to improve your cognitive abilities. Most people look for things like nootropics in order to do so. These are often drugs that can help to improve markers of cognitive performance (such as memory formation or learning and even concentration). If you can use nootropics, all the power to you. However, there may be some nootropic options you have never thought of (and certain people don’t want you to).

If you have been following the biohacking scene, you will know that there are a whole host of benefits of microdosing¬†and it can help you to improve your cognitive abilities. If you are doing things correctly, you’ll find a host of benefits that even Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey are discussing on their platforms.

Luckily, there are a host of ways that you can use these drugs for your cognitive enhancement. Most people who are using the drug find that they are able to enhance their creativity and problem solving when they use psychedelics. One study with a scientist by the name of James Fadiman looked at how the drugs could help his participants to come up with big breakthroughs in their professional life.

Are Psychedelics Nootropics?

Some people who are using psychedelics find that it is a great way to enhance their cognitive abilities and even improve certain features of their life. It is really useful for people in Silicon Valley who are looking to get ahead in their startups or businesses. Most entrepreneurs are using these drugs in order to improve their cognitive abilities and it is having a huge effect.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options that you can get started with, but when there are so many positive things being said about psychedelics, why not try it out? You’ll find that millions of people have benefited from this type of therapy.