How Herbs Make You Smarter (Let’s Talk about Extracts)

How Herbs Make You Smarter (Let’s Talk about Extracts)

August 22, 2016 Off By Barbara Bell

When you are interested in improving some aspect of your brain or body, where is the first place you go? Most people like to think that pharmaceutical companies have the strongest medications that work. While there are plenty of medications currently on the market, many people who are using these don’t realize how much potential is in herbs and plants as well.

The following article is going to help you to realize that herbs are one of the most potent and effective tools that you can use in order to get cognitive enhancement and help make a big difference for your abilities in the future.

The Herbs That Alter Your Brain

Here are a few different herbs that you can use in order to alter your brain chemistry. You’ll find that these nootropics make a really big difference, but understanding why is helpful as well.

  1. Bacopa monnieri – this is a herb that is fat soluble and can help to improve your mental performance by reducing anxiety and making similar shifts in your psyche. The vast majority of people who are using bacopa monnieri for brain health don’t realize how much they are leaving on the table without using a patented extract. The Bacognize extract is standardized, which makes it safer and better as well.
  2. Ashwagandha – another natural herb useful for improving cognitive function, ashwagandha is an anti-anxiety option. You can use ashwagandha, but it is also best if you have the KSM-66 extract. This is a specific extract of ashwagandha that is said to have even greater health effects.

With these two extracts, you should be well on your way to improving your quality of life and the cognitive effects that you are looking for. If you cannot do this in the right way, then you might have some issues in the future. However, this cognitive enhancement route is the way to go without a doubt.